Library Books as at October 2014

Here is a list of books available to members from out library.
The books are normally available from one evening meeting to the next, by arrangement specific books can be available on a Sunday as well.
For the NZ Beekeeper magazines, you borrow the entire years worth, its easier to keep things together that way.

100/1 About Honey                     
PE Norris
100/2 Guide to Bees and Honey   
Ted Hooper
100/3 The Beekeepers Handbook
Owen Meyer
100/4 (No Name)
Kit Williams
100/5 Keeping Honey Bees   
Judy Urquat
100/6* Honey Bee Brood Diseases   
Henrik Hansen
100/7 Keeping Your Own Bees   
Norman Redpath
100/8 Reference Book. Practical Beekeeping in Nz    
(On permanent loan from Derek Carey)
100/9* Practical Beekeeping in Nz   
Andrew Matheson
100/10 The Beekeepers Handbook   
Dianna Sammataro
100/11 Nectar and Pollen Sources in NZ 
R S Walsh
100/12* The Wonderful World of Honey     Joe Parkhill  
100/13* A Modern Bee Herbal  
Henry Rowell and Helen McFarlane
100/14 Bees and Beekeeping  
Irmgard Diemer
100/15 Practical Beekeeping(Australia & NZ)   
Ray Chapman-Taylor & Ivo Davey
100/16 Honey Bee Diseases and Pests  
Canadian Assc. Apiculturists
100/17 Queen Rearing  
Chris Dawson
100/18 x2 Control of Varroa (Agriquality)    
Mark Goodwin & Cliff van Eaton
100/19 Beekeeping in NZ 
TS Winter
100/20 Life of the Honey Bee  
Ladybird Book
100/21 Robbing the Bees  
Holley Bishop
100/22 Trees and Shrubs - soil - Bee Production   
Derek Carey Collection
100/23 Beekeeping Production   
Derek Carey Collection
100/24 Bumble Bees  
Derek Carey Collection
100/25 Ventilation - Trees and Shrubs  
Derek Carey Collection
100/26 Bees - Queens - Odd Bits and Pieces   
Derek Carey Collection
100/27 Beekeeping Odd Bits    
Derek Carey Collection
100/28 NCBC Minutes and Newsletters 1981-1984   
Derek Carey Collection
100/29 NCBC Minutes and Newsletters 1984-1986   
Derek Carey Collection
100/30 Living With Varroa   
from the Varroa Workshop
100/31 Practical Beekeeping (Gardenways)   
Enoch Tompkins & Roger M.Griffith
100/32 The Beekeepers Manual   
LA Stephens-Potter
100/33 Bees and Honey (Nature’s Way)   
Photography David Thompson
100/34 Build Your Own Beekeeping Equipment   
Tony Pisano

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